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June 30 2017

Introducing V.LIVE

V.LIVE is a KPOP broadcasting app that lets you and your favorite KPOP idols interact in a comfortable platform. With over 35 million downloads, V.LIVE has become the most essential and must-have app for every KPOP fan. There’s a reason it’s the number one KPOP broadcasting app in 249 countries. V.LIVE does not only let you in the groups’ scheduled livestreams and performances, it lets you see the idols’ everyday hidden life style in a way where you as a fan feel more connected and involved in their lives. V.LIVE does not only focus on the KPOP side, oh no! It includes everything in the Hallyu wave. From Dramas to beauty and fashion, V.LIVE has it all! V.LIVE is the number one way to be up-to-date with your favorite K-Celebs. The app is user-friendly and extremely easy to use, so anybody can use it without any type of savvyness or experience. If it wasn’t good enough already, V.LIVE encourages you to create a personal account where, as simple as using a username and password, you can personalize your own channel/account that way you can stay updated and notified of new content from your favorite channels, groups, and celebrities. That way, you will never miss out on your favorite content. Oh! You may be asking yourself, “What happens if I missed a broadcast? Does it mean I cannot watch it anymore?” Well… all broadcasts are recorded and uploaded immidiately to the respective channel and are available for you to watch over and over again without any restrictions. No way you will miss any type of content, live or not. 

The most popular channel (and my personal favorite) with over 5 million followers, it’s BTS’ (Bangtan Sonyeondan). Live broadcast, fan chats, ongoing series (Bon Voyage, Run BTS, BTS Gayo), and much more, the boys have all the right type of content to keep their fans entertained. If you wanna check them out, you can do it HERE (http://channels.vlive.tv/FE619/video).

And guess what? It’s all there for you and it’s only a click away! V.LIVE is available for both Android and IOS and if you don’t have a phone/mobile device, that’s fine! The desktop version works just perfect (www.vlive.tv). So tell me, what are you waiting for? Don’t let yourself miss out this amazing app!

June 13 2017

A Date With KNK (Voom) Review

I came across this video on the Voom V.Live channel and I absolutely loved it! It’s a roleplay video with all the KNK members pretending to be your boyfriend. I found myself giggling at some of the members since they were acting a bit too shy but at the end of the video, I still was glad I watched it all! It was fun and cute all in one. It’s a cute and simple way to fantasize about your favorite bias and/or group. Hopefully Voom channel makes more of this type of videos to attract a bigger fanbase because speaking from a fan point of view, this video is great type of content.

Check out their video HERE.

June 12 2017

Hidden Track No. V Channel Review


Hidden Track No. V has a lot of underground and rookie content. This is a good way to discover new rising groups and solo artists and interact with them at the same time. This channel has a lot of good live content like concerts and live streams and it’s a way to know what these new artists are made of. 

After watching some of their videos, I became fan of a lot of new artists and I recommend you to do the same. Who knows? You might end up falling in love with their music! You can check out Hidden Track No.V’s channel HERE. Give it a try! 

I’ll be posting the giveaway in a few days, if anything in a week, so if there’s something you would like me to add to it let me know!

Voom V.Live Channel Review

The moment you click on their channel you’ll notice Voom’s content is amazing! As someone who understands there is a lot of idol groups out there that need to be supported and on the spotlight because they work just as hard as the ones who already are, I find this channel an amazing way to get to know those type of groups. All of the groups that guest in this channel are incredibly talented and some of them are underrated and need more spotlight and I feel like Voom creates another way of showing fans what these groups have to offer and how amazing they can be. 

If you are like me and love and support underrated groups, this is the channel for you. All content creates a way to interact with them at a more personal level and get to know them in a fun and entertaining way. They also guest some solo artist! So, if you wanna check out what Voom has to offer, just click HERE and have fun! 

PeekaVoo! V.Live Channel Review

For this week’s mission, we were assigned to review the V rookie channels PeekaVoo, Voom, and Hidden Track No.V. I decided to start with PeekaVoo because it seems to be the most popular between the three channels. With 22k followers, PeekaVoo live streams a variety of videos where new groups are introduced and interact with their fanbase. Like most channels, PeekaVoo has an ongoing series called “알방라이브” which is a really fun show that you HAVE to watch. Believe me on this one! It’s super entertaining and you get to know about the groups that guest in the show. Aside the series, they also livestream showcases, live fan meetings, and other random but fun content. 

  • Once you visit PeekaVoo’s channel, you’ll notice their channel is fairly new, but their content makes up for it. I had a lot of fun gong through the channel and getting to know new idol groups and what they have to offer. If you wanna get to know more talented groups, I definitely recommend all of you to check out their channel HERE, it’ll be worth your time. 

  • May 24 2017

    so i decided to do another giveaway but i need your help! can you guys let me know what you would like to see included in the giveaway? Like products, merch, etc? 

    May 23 2017

    guys whatchu think about me doing another giveaway??

    May 22 2017

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    GFRIEND V.Live Broadcast Review: 휴게소에서😊

    Today I’m reviewing GFRIEND’s “휴게소에서😊” broadcast. 

    From the start, they had some issues with the filters, but they were able to fix them right away. The girls looked so pretty in this broadcast, I must admit. 

    It’s not unusual for them to be themselves on camera as you can see. They were their down-to-earth and heart-warming selves once again in this broadcast. 

    The girls were hungry, so they decided to stop for some food. They seemed to be excited about all the food they had to choose from, but they went for some corn dogs, shrimp bars, and tteokbokki! Some of the members were worried about the calories intake but as Sowon said: “If you’re eating, just eat!” 

    It was nice to see them doing so basic like buying and eating food. In my opinion, it makes you realize they’re still normal people just like us. 

    GOT7′s V.Live Channel Review

    Next review is GOT7’s channel, let’s go!

    Right from the get-go, you can tell GOT7 is really active on their channel. You can see that most broadcasts are a few days apart and some days 2-3 broadcasts are posted the same day. GOT7 is known for their undeniable charisma and a lovingly way to care for their fans making their channel a handful of joy for anybody. Even though some of their content is CH+, they still manage to give fans a lot of free broadcasts that is still as entertaining as the exclusive content. Right now, they have an ongoing series titled “Real GOT7” which is on its 4th season. Real GOT7 is a 20 minute-ish series updated every week with free and CH+ exclusive content as well. That way every fan gets a taste of the show! The boys are really good with individual live broadcasts as well. They make them fun and interesting and interact with their fans. Overall, GOT7’s channel is an entertaining way to keep up with the boys and get to know them even more!

    Check out GOT7’s V.Live Channel HERE.

    (⭐- Bad / ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Excellent)

    Updating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Fan Engagement: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Creative Content: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Member Spotlight: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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    V.Live EXO Channel Review

    Next review for my V.friends mission is EXO’s channel! I am an EXO-L but as I mentioned in my last review, I’m making this a neutral review (Non-biased).

    When the V.Live app launched, I immediately subscribed to EXO’s channel. I’ve been a huge fan of them since the very beginning and was so excited to see I would have another way to interact with them and get news about the group. But as the time has passed, I have been greatly disappointed in the lack of updates coming from their channel. If you go to their channel, you’ll notice the 1-2 month gaps between some of the broadcasts. Even though it makes me feel that way, I understand EXO is in a really “professional” phase, if I could say it that way. Their rising popularity and high demands from the public has made them that way it seems. Now, don’t get me wrong, that’s not a bad thing. EXO has come a long way and I’m greatly proud of them. It would be great if they showcased more of their laid back side rather than the professional one. As for member spotlight… well, it’s mainly Chanyeol the one who does most of the broadcast. The rest of the members do some themselves too, but it’s rare or when a comeback is near. I don’t want anybody to think this is a way to talk badly about EXO. No. As I mentioned, I’m a big fan but it’d be better if they interacted with us the same way some other groups do. I feel bad for giving this type of review but again, I must be 100% neutral. Either way, their broadcasts are still entertaining and pretty clean. Show some love to the boys!

    Check out EXO’s V.Live Channel HERE

    (⭐- Bad / ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Excellent)

    Updating: ⭐⭐⭐

    Fan Engagement: ⭐⭐

    Creative Content: ⭐⭐⭐

    Member Spotlight: ⭐⭐

    Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    May 19 2017

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    V.Live BTS Channel Review

    For my V.Friends mission, I decided that instead of reviewing one single broadcast at a time, I would review the whole channel according to its content, regular updating, fan engagement and such. I feel like doing one single broadcast would be difficult since the BTS channel has a lot of good content to choose from! An overall review of the channel should let you know whether you would like to check out their channel. And I’ll tell you from right now, you must check it out! A Little disclaimer though: I am trying to be as neutral as possible. I am an ARMY but I understand being biased in something like this would just

    BTS does not joke around when it comes to putting themselves out there. The moment you go to their V.Live channel, you’ll notice right away they regularly update it. Entertaining their fans while still promoting the group is something they’ve done since the very beginning. To keep their channel fun and spiced up for the fans, BTS has had some ongoing series like BTS BON VOYAGE, Run BTS! and BTS GAYO (they have respective playlists for each series in case you want to binge watch them). If you ever have 15-20 minutes free, I recommend you check them out. I guarantee you will not stop laughing! These guys are naturally hilarious! Aside from the series, they also release behind the scenes footage from their series, music videos, photoshoots, etc.  As well as the actual music videos! The members sometimes do individual live broadcasts where they share their thoughts and socialize with the fans. Occasionally, they do broadcasts with another member (for example, Jungkook x Jimin, Suga x J-Hope, etc.) and fans really seem to love that! As I’ve said, they know what their fans want!

    I could go on and on about how amazing BTS and their channel is BUT I wanna make this brief to not overwhelm any of you. In a few words, check out their V.Live channel! You will not regret it. And I know! I know! This review sounds super biased but I give you my word I’m being as neutral as possible. They just happen to have amazing and entertaining content on their channel and it also doesn’t help that they are cute, funny goofballs that love their fans!

    Check out BTS’ V.Live channel HERE.

    (⭐- Bad / ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐- Excellent)

    Updating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Fan Engagement: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Creative Content: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Member Spotlight: ⭐⭐⭐⭐

    Overall: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

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    pajama boy

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    Reposted byRekrut-K Rekrut-K

    May 18 2017

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    Reposted byRekrut-K Rekrut-K

    V.Live BTS GAYO - track 15 Review

    Okay, so as I mentioned before I’m part of V.Live’s V.Friends season 3 and this week’s mission is to review the content of an idol channel. I, being the big Kpop fan I am, couldn’t decide which specific group to pick, so I’ll be doing way more than one! 

    The first group I chose was BTS! They’re definitely my favorite group so I had to. BTS is back with yet another BTS GAYO episode, though this time our boys are in Chile! For this episode, they had to create a music video for a song that did not have one. Jungkook suggested doing the M/V for that one “cheesy” song (Spine Breaker) which the rest of the boys immediately thought it was a great idea. Right away they started pitching in ideas about the camera work, etc. They seemed pretty excited about it! 

    Overall, this episode was hilarious and you could see the members were having a lot of fun filming and directing the M/V. And the M/V itself was extremely hilarious and extra, exactly like our boys are. Hopefully, they get a mission like this again, but sadly as Jin said, maybe in the next 10 years? 

    The highlight of the video:

    Wise words, Suga, wise words.

    May 16 2017

    hey guys! Just letting you know, I got selected to be part of the V.live V.friends season 3 group and I’ll be posting reviews about the kpop channels and broadcasts. I’m just letting you guys know, so you don’t think those reviews are random or that my blog style changed or anything. I’ll still be posting regularly. Also if you guys would like to give me feedback on the reviews, it’d be greatly appreciated. 

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